Teaching Method

Critical Intercultural approach

  • CommuPro has developed a critical intercultural learning approach.
  • We emphasize not only the effectiveness of learning a foreign language, but also the interculturality that develops throughout the process.
  • Your conscious and subconscious minds will be trained together to help you acquire the language within the shortest period of time.
  • You will begin your language learning journey from very simple, easy vocabulary and sentence patterns and will be guided to construct your own conversation.
  • Through task completion and critical thinking, you can handle the language easily and conduct yourself effectively in different cultural contexts.
  • You are guided to interact with speakers of other languages on EQUAL TERMS.


Model of critical intercultural approach:



  • Emphasis on instancy to provide learners with an enormous sense of satisfaction
  • Training of learning independence
  • Discussion and exchange of cultural fun facts


  • Emphasis on compactness to consolidate learners’ knowledge
  • Minimization of contact hours on the basis of consolidation
  • Further training of learning independence
  • Discussion, exchange and comparison of cultural fun facts


  • Emphasis on profundity
  • Higher fluency and accuracy are demanded
  • Advanced training of learning independence
  • Discussion and exchange of deeper cultural issues


  • Emphasis on immensity
  • A wide variety of themes are explored
  • Independent learners automatically apply the language in a wide range of contexts
  • Discussion, exchange, comparison of deeper cultural issues


  • Emphasis on criticalness
  • Proficiency is strongly emphasized
  • Independent learners can criticize their own culture and the cultures concerning the target language


  • Emphasis on creativity
  • Strong emphasis on critical creativity
  • Independent learners can identify the gap between different cultures and create new concepts by tapping into their knowledge of the two cultures and languages
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